Of all the genius concepts Broderick Chavez “The Evil Genius” from Team Evil Genius Sports Performance has elucidated on the podcast, the AAS Family Tree as discussed in this episode is one of the most useful and applicable to the murky world of sports performance!

Brods explains this concept beautifully as well as some interesting stuff on IGF1 and the fresh topic of off-label pharmaceutical use to off-set or augment the side effects of anabolic steroids – the Evil Genius doing what he does best!

We also discuss Broderick’s 2020 Australian tour of Tasmania, Melbourne and Sydney and the live stream of the Sydney seminar: Practical Application Case Studies where Broderick will be applying the periodisation of pharmacology to bodybuilding and powerlifting.

Visit events.teamevilgsp.com and use UTBSYD2020 for discounts off the Sydney seminar and live stream!